It all began when our founder, Mr. Emanuel Brody, came to this country in 1947. After working by a friend of his for several years at a pantyhose manufacturing Company in New York, he partnered with Benny Mappa to open Emby Hosiery Corp, a Mill rep house (representing hosiery manufacturers in the South.) Emby was named after its founders, EM for Mappa and BY for Brody. In 1962, Mr. Emanuel Brody bought out Mappa.

In 1989, Manny's son Elliot joined the family business and currently serves as President of our enterprise. In the 1990's, the business began importing products from overseas and expanded its sales from hosiery products to socks, gloves, hats and underwear.

Our mission is to provide fashionable, quality merchandise at very competitive prices. We currently carry over 1,400 sku's and occupy a 45,000 square foot warehouse in Somerset, NJ. From small family shops to large multi-store chains, we endeavor to provide the best service possible to all of our customers.