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Emby Hosiery partners with Cape Sales Solutions for Direct import, Turnkey and DSD programs. As an importer and distributor of seasonal general merchandise, apparel, and accessories to the United States market. Our goal is to provide complete turnkey programs designed to sell quality goods at extremely competitive retails. We offer a wide variety of programs that include everything from DSD single store delivery to direct import programs catering to our client’s requirements. Our program offerings are tailored to each specific class of trade allowing us to grow your business. With distribution points on both the East and West coasts, we supply over 50 of the nation’s leading wholesalers to both the convenience and grocery class of trade. We carry a large every day inventory of domestic goods that allow us to insure 100% fulfillment of orders throughout the winter season. We realize that you and your customer base are unique. If one of our standard program offerings are not a fit for you, let us design a program specifically for you and your customers. Our dedication to customer service has been the key to our growth and success. Our programs are designed to maximize your sales, and our purchasing power allows us to maintain some of the lowest retails in the industry. Let us show you why we have become the preferred vendor with so many major customers across the country.

About Us

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